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I was VERY fortunate to have the opportunity to take part in a hands on class this last January with the AMAZING Veronica Frosch.  She is the #1 poodle groomer in the country and a member of Groom Team U.S.A. This is my before and after photos.  Vegas was the perfect gentleman and I'm madly in love.  I hope to get a standard poodle in the future and plan to attend more hands on classes in the future.

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Photo Gallery

NOTE: While remodeling the salon, I had to move into the garage.  The first few pictures are just to show my work, but this is NOT where your dogs will be groomed.  I have a full salon inside, with pictures on my home page.  :)
 I take pride in my work and strive to make each pet look the best they can!  I am familiar with virtually all breeds and patterns and will do my best to match the image you have in your mind.  I truly love doing before and after pictures.  I am very creative and artistic and LOVE to see the changes that can happen.  And the dogs really do seem happier when they are all done and gorgeous.  A clean pet is a happy pet! 

With premium products, skill and knowledge I will give your pet the pampering and undivided attention they deserve.   

Below are the before and after pictures of Sophie, Tess, Vegas, Tasha, Saylor, Willy, Harley, Torque, Toby, Bella Rose 1, Bella Rose 2, Buffy, Patches, Neisha, Kona, Charlie and Max, and more.  And let's not forget the lovely Maycee, in her modified continental cut!  Keep checking back for more pictures. 

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