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About Us

My name is Shawnna Thurgood. 

I began my grooming career in 1992 and 20+ years later I still love what I do.  I love all breeds, but do hold a special place in my heart for Standard Poodles and rare breeds.  I wouldn’t say I have a specialty, but try to excel and stay current in all breeds of dogs.  I have a strict no cruelty policy when it comes to my grooming.  I believe the experience should be positive and free of pain.  Hair will grow back, but emotional scarring can last a lifetime. 

I currently have 2 dogs, Lincoln and Alice.  Lincoln is an 18 year old dachshund/Chihuahua mix and Alice is an 11 year old purebred Dachshund.  Both are as rowdy as ever and keep the neighbors on their toes.  Eventually I would like to get a Golden Retriever and join the Rocky Mountain Rescue Society. 

Since moving my shop to my home, I am not currently accepting cats.  I'm concentrating on small breed dogs and non-shedding large breeds, but will consider some large double coated breeds on a case by case basis.

Shear Perfection Pet Salon uses only the finest quality products including Isle of Dogs, Crown Royale, Best Shot and Nature's Specialties, and I believe that this is one industry where you will get what you pay for.  I am not the cheapest, but I bring all of my skills and experinence to my profession and truly believe I can make you happy. 

I am currently studying for my certification as a National Certified Master Groomer and try to stay current by attending seminars and hands on classes.

Lincoln and Alice in their glory days:

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